Friday, May 31, 2013

Retreat in June - Materials for Open Wide Pouch Tutorial

For the Open Wide Pouch I will be using this awesome tutorial from Anna over at Noodlehead. Here is the bag I made using a honey bun roll (1 1/2 inch strips).  If you would like to do a bag with piecing or patchwork on the outside you can sew up anything you like and then cut to size.  I sewed all the strips together and then cut the outside pieces from that.  

For a medium pouch you will need:

Outside fabric - 9" tall x 12" wide (cut 2)
Inside fabric - 9" tall x 12" wide (cut 2)  
Interfacing - 9" tall x 12" wide (cut 2)
Zipper - 12" or longer (you can always cut the zipper down to size)
Zipper tab fabric - 2x3"

*If you would like to make a handle for your bag cut a piece 2 5/8" x 15" instead of the 2x3" zipper tab piece.

You can use whatever you prefer for interfacing.  I like to use Pellon Shape-flex.  If you are making a larger bag and would like more support you could cut 4 pieces and double up or use fusible fleece instead.  

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