Thursday, September 22, 2011

September Meeting: Paper Piecing and Pin Cushion Swap

We had the pleasure of having Pat Moseman from Utah Home of the Brave Quilts. She is the Utah coordinator and is amazing at doing Paper Piecing Quilts. She did a step by step demonstration of how to do paper piecing. You take piece by piece and you create small stitches so that every point is just perfect. Then once you are done you can rip the paper off and you have a perfect block from tiny to large pieces of fabric. A few of us tried our own paper piecing. She showed several projects of what she has created from this method, and if only I could quilt like her I'd be in heaven!

Here is our Show and Tell! This first quilt is amazing!!!

That is Pat Moseman, showing us her amazing quilt that was 
paper pieced. That quilt is made from Daydream by Cyndi Walker! So gorgeous!

I love this criss cross quilt! Isn't it so cute! That's Aneela's line she did for Moda.

This makes me want to decorate for Halloween! Isn't it so cute!

Look at that Dresden Plate! So cute and bright and cheery!

She made this for her Son for his wedding! And 
she did the zig zag without a pattern! WOW!

For next month we have decided to do a Pin Cushion Swap! So gather your yummy scraps and make something! There are lots of tutorials and patterns out there that are fun, or you can create your own one of a kind pin cushion! We do have a gal in the group who asked if we can use NON Peanut/Walnut shell filling due to an extreme allergy with her son. If you do make a walnut/peanut shell please label so that when we do swap she won't pick that one. There are so many fillings you can use for pin cushions, such as: sand, rice, stuffing, beans, ect. Here is a google search I did for you!

Here's some eye candy!

You can view more on my Pinterest!

We also have a sewing day/night in the works! We will keep you posted... we are hoping sometime in October!!! What do you all think? If you have a special request, project, or something in mind that you would like to see in our guild, please give us feedback. We want to make this fun for all of us and we would love your feedback.

Here is some clarifications on our Quilt Guild:
  1. We do meet at 6:30pm - 8pm on every 3rd Tuesday of each month.
  2. We are doing $0.50 door prizes, if you can please bring each your two quarters and add to the bucket it goes on to next months prizes.
  3. We have annually $25 dues towards the guild. If you haven't already paid for the year, please bring your monthly due to the next meeting and give to Kara in a check. She will have the info to whom you need to make it out to.
  4. Most of all, invite your friends to join! We have room to grow and we want to make this a fun group where we can have tons of fun!!!
We hope to see you to our next meeting! 6:30, October 18th, 2011!

VP/South Jordan Modern Quilt Guild

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